We offer exclusive educational programs

  • We compose programs from theoretical and practical blocks

  • We form programs for the needs of your company. Job brief

  • Choosing convenient dates and venue

  • Adapting formats: lecture, master class, intensive, course, curation, coaching

  • We combine programs with different teachers.

  • We organize a course with any teacher and program, even if they are not on the site.

Internet media as a product

Editorial business

Local newspaper on the Internet

Modern media — trends and directions of development

Glossy Journalism

Media as a product

Corporate Media

Editors School. Digital media

How to write well

Cultural journalism

Urban journalism

Media management


Editor’s job

Business and media: PR in practice

Digital PR

Copywriting: Editing and Text

Brand content strategy and its implementation

School of special projects. Digital media. How to make interesting and effective special projects. Money, ideas, implementation, mistakes and success.

Non-standard media advertising: trends, numbers, effective formats

Media Analytics

Media consumption and perception

SMM course for managers

General SMM course

Consulting course

Packaging and promotion of a media resource in search engines

Packaging and promotion of a commercial site in search engines

Event organization and production

Team Building Business Game

Problem solving business game

Business game on the development of sales skills

Video: watch to the end

TV program in 2017