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We organize media events of all formats and of all scales for you in Russia and abroad: forums, master classes, press conferences, event sections, department excursions, and press tours.

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We conceptualize and work on the concept of your event in full: mission, goal, actionable tasks, prices, and target audience.

We create the event plan.

We develop event content: determine form and format, select speakers, renowned guests, and artists, organize participant involvement in the program: competitive, interactive, practical and project, individual and group work. We compose and entertaining and educational program.
Event Promotion

Online: Social networks, contextual ads, e-blasts, media collaborations

Offline: Written advertisements

Promo Design

We create a list of suitable partners, agree on collaboration with them, and guide them throughout the event.
We choose a suitable location for your event, carry out the technical part, carry out assembly and disassembly on it. We choose a catering company. We provide creative decoration of the location in the company’s corporate colors.
We create a post-report with the results of work: actionable tasks, aims, quality of participants, guests, general coverage. We provide a photo and video report separately.

Our Experience: Exclusive Educational Sessions at Galeria Fashion Week


  • Alert the Russian fashion media in St. Petersburg and Moscow that Galeria Fashion Week is coming to St. Petersburg,

  • Earn the loyalty of the fashion world to Galeria Fashion Week,

  • Meet representatives of fashion in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


  1. Preparation:

  • Event Planning: list of possible speakers, general budget, mechanics of attendance and registration, list of invited guests, ideas about the integration of Galeria Fashion Guide to the event, PR promotion.

  1. Organization:

  • Organization and execution of 11 masterclasses

  • Awards for participants and speakers

  • Participant registration

  • Participant selection: selected and processed more than 250 applications

  • Invitation and work with speakers (Transfer and accommodation, supervision during the event, before, and afterward)

  • Announcements (Resources: Social Networks: Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram; link. Coverage over 424 000)

  • Work with contractors (search for contractors, mounting and dismounting)

  • Integration of the Galeria Fashion Guide magazine (The editor-in-chief of the magazine moderated the educational sessions; distribution of the magazine to all participants at the front desk, Master class “On the Other Side of the Gloss: How to Get a Magazine Job” held by editor-in-chief.

Speakers: 11 people

  • Nikolai Uskov – editor-in-chief at Forbes, previous editor-in-chief at “Snob,” “Men’s Health”, “GQ,” and “GQ Style”.

  • Angela Atayats — producer at “InStyle” and “InStyle Man”.

  • Olga Oreshnika — editor-in-chief at “Galeria Fashion Guide.”

  • Alexei Pantikin — fashion director at RBC

  • Leisan Galimardanova — photo editor and producer at Interview Publishing House

  • Tatiana Ivanova — promotion and blogging expert. Founder of the blogging platform Hello, Blogger.

  • Ekaterina Assilova — editor-in-chief at fashion industry online publication Be-in.ru.

  • Olga Clovo — top Russian stylist, trendsetter, and influencer in the fashion industry.

  • Maria Kolosova — stylist, founder, and author of blog Kyklamasha.com

  • Veronika Koraeva — PR specialist FREEDOM

  • Elnara Petrova — director at communication agency NextMedia, curator of School for SMM-specialists, creator of the podcast “Social Media Management without Cats”

Participants: 250  (stylists, fashion bloggers, designers, photographers, store owners)

Date: October 1-10, 2015

Location: Galeria Mall, St. Petersburg

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