About us

Pencil Group — the only event planner in Russia with a media specialization.

What does this mean? We organize events — either our own or third-party — educational media events, in which we instruct in editing, journalism, media management, public relations, and social media management.

During our 6 years in the media industry, we have hosted 30 of our own events: from closed educational intensives of 40 attendees and journalism parties for 100 people to the largest media conference in Russia, “3D Journalism”, with 1500 participants and 500 000 online visitors.

Since 2012, we have worked with 174 top media representatives from CNN, Associated Press, RBC, Vedomosti, Kommersant, Forbes, Meduza, Snob, Interview, and others.

Event Participants — publishing houses, media holders, corporate media, PR departments of large companies, editors, journalists, media managers, PR, and SMM-specialists. If you are launching a media project, combining multiple media into one, want to understand how to monetize products and work with special projects, establishing an editorial process, honing your writing skills, learning how to work with media contacts and social networks effectively, dream of creating a video you want to see, but not develop — contact us. We will teach you.

Media Managers and Journalists  We train in editorial process execution. Develop and implement a single product strategy. Create textual masterpieces. Analyze products, audience, and technology. Work with video. Remain competitive in the marketplace.

PR- Specialists We instruct in a promotion, taking into account PR trends. Cooperation with media to ensure frequent publication and interest in your company grows. Attract customers not through advertising, but through content.

Social Media Managers We teach solution of commercial problems in new avenues.

We began with the media-conference 3D Journalism in 2012. Today we have organized 7 forums, which have attracted 9840 participants from 66 cities in the Russian Federation. Only head editors, top managers, and renowned journalists speak on the forum floor, sharing experiences: Alexei Venediktov (The Moscow Echo), Alena Doletskaya (Interview), Elmar Murtazaev (Forbes), Elizaveta Osetinskaya (RBC), Svetlana Mironok (RIA News), Galina Timchenko (Meduza), Yuri Dude (Sports.ru), Kim Belov (GQ), Vitaliy Labin (Russian Reporter), Natalia Sindeeva (Rain), Alexei Ametov (Look At Media), and others.

We are always thinking of new formats of interaction with target audiences, following market changes and updates, and expanding the direction of our company. We offer the opportunity for effective training, as such, we work with market practitioners who have a good number of successful projects behind them.

From 2014, we offer educational courses “Tochilka”. For 4 years, 18 professors have taught 420 students from 46 editions and 19 cities in the Russian Federation.

Our students: representatives of “Rain”, “The Moscow Echo” , Mail Group, Sanoma Independent Media, British American Tobacco, “Europe Plus”, Axel Springer, clinics “Medi”, Cosmopolitan, “Rambler”, “Skolkovo”,Publishing House “Around the Light”, Colta, WOS, Shopping Center “Galleria”, HH.ru, Kolesa.ru, Tut.by, and others.

An entire department came to us after seeing that their competitors, having taken our course, had grown.

After the “Tochilka” PR course, our students organize free publications in “Business Peterburg”, “Vedomosti”, “Commersant”, because they learned how to created interesting materials about their own companies through content.

From 2015, we organize customized events by order: forums, masterclasses, press conferences, sections in events, department excursions, press tours in Russia and abroad.

As you understand, you and your company can become participants in the Pencil Group portfolio of training and events today.

Only by participation in “Corporate Study” do you gain access to 19 professors and 31 ready educational programs, easy to adapt to your preferred format of study.

We will readily prepare an individualized course according to the needs of your company and organize a customized event.

Study with the best and create a high-quality media event with Pencil Group.

* — positions are indicated at the time of the events.