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7th Largest Media Forum in Russia — 3D Journalism

Number of Participants in 2 Days: 1500

Number of Online Participants: 500 000

Number of Speakers: 34

Media Coverage: 167

Informational Coverage: 60 mln

Dates: April 13-14, 2017

Location: Moscow

Speakers and Topics

Mitra Kalita
Mitra KalitaVice President of Programming, Digital CNN
Topic: Rules of the Media Game: How To Go from Catching Up to Overtaking. Realities for Local and Global Media
Nathan Griffith
Nathan GriffithInteractive Editor, Associated Press
Topic: New Technology: VR and AR. Global Trends for Local Businesses
Mike Ragsdale
Mike RagsdaleEntrepreneur and Researcher, Founder of 30A.com
Topic: From Global to Local. How a Local Publication went from 12K Readers To a 2.2 Million Dollar Turnover
Vivian Shiller
Vivian ShillerMedia Manager and Consultant
Topic: How to Fight Fake News
Pedro Norton
Pedro NortonSenior Consultant, Innovation Media Group
Topic: Mediamorphosis: Rethinking Media Contacts in the Information Age
Justin Varilek
Justin VarilekExecutive Director and Founder, Hackpack.press
Topic: How to Cover Events Anywhere in the World. Creating Effective Quality Content Any Audience Will Love
Sue Schardt
Sue SchardtGeneral Director, AIR, Executive Director, Localor Project
Topic: Global Cases of Success and Their Common Denominator
Maria Gelman
Maria GelmanCreative Director, Look At Media
Topic: Where is the Money? The Zine and New Ways of Media Monetization
Marina Luchina
Marina LuchinaHead of Media Research Sector, Mediascope
Topic: Media Consumption in Russia, Present and Future
Tina Kandelaki
Tina KandelakiGeneral Producer, Match TV
Topic: From TV Host to General Producer at a Federal Channel: Experience, Responsibilities, Results, Records
Alexei Venediktov
Alexei VenediktovEditor-in-Chief, The Moscow Echo
Topic: The Specifics of Working in Radio. Stories from Life
Nikolai Sobolvev
Nikolai SobolvevChannel host SOBOLEV, co-author and co-founder, Rakamakafo Pranks
Topic: The Path to Success on Youtube
Svetlana Rater
Svetlana RaterSpecial Correspondent, Reuters
Topic: Working With Sources
Ekaterina Dementeva
Ekaterina DementevaEditor-in-chief, Afisha Daily
Topic: Who Are You? Blogger, Author, Editor or Writer?
Alexei Ametov
Alexei AmetovFounder, Look At Media
Topic: Technology for Journalists
Oleg Zotov
Oleg ZotovPhotographer at Maxim, Men’s Health, Vogue and others. Founder, ZotovSchool
Topic: From Star Photoshoots to Star Projects, and Why Photoshop is Not a Photographer’s Tool
Nikolai Kononov
Nikolai KononovEditor-in-Chief, Secret Firms
Topic: How to Plan, Write, and Edit a Long Read
Yulia Taratuta
Yulia TaratutaEditor-in-chief, online magazine Wonderzine
Topic: The Specifics of Working With a Female Audience: Approach, Intonation, and Nuance
Alesia Gerasimenko
Alesia GerasimenkoSpecial Correspondent, “Commersant”
Topic: Research for Long Reads: How to Escape the Pop and Tear
Valeriy Panyushkin
Valeriy PanyushkinEditor-in-Chief, “These Things”
Topic: How The Baby Operates Before Birth and Why It’s Important to Know Journalists
Evgeniy Krasnikov
Evgeniy KrasnikovPress-secretary, Vkontakte
Topic: Vkontakte as an Instrument of Community-Building and Working With Your Readers
Andrei Konyaev
Andrei KonyaevEditor-in-chief, N +1, founder of communications “Lentach” and “Obrazovach”
Topic: Meme this! How to Turn Your Idea Into a Cultural Phenomenon
Evgenia Ovcharenko
Evgenia OvcharenkoFounder, 3D Journalism forum
Topic: The Story of Creating One Forum
Alexander Bogomolov
Alexander BogomolovGeneral producer “RBK”
Topic: How To Show the Most Boring Things in an Interesting Light — Business and Economics
Ilya Barabanov
Ilya BarabanovSpecial Correspondent, Kommersant
Topic: The Specifics of Working with Hot Topics. How to Protect Neutrality
Konstantin Bocharski
Konstantin BocharskiFounder, Pressfeed Service
Topic: The Automatization of Creativity. How Do Algorithms Change Journalism and When Do Journalists Notice Robots?
Ilya Zhegulev
Ilya ZhegulevSpecial Correspondent, Meduza
Topic: How to Compel Someone to Speak
Maria Komandaya
Maria KomandayaHost, “Match TV”, Editor-in-chief, The Challenger.ru
Topic: Want to be Like Dmitri Gubernev? Here’s What You Need to Do
Natalia Archangelskaya
Natalia ArchangelskayaEditor-in-chief, SNC Magazine
Topic: The Russian Brand — Problems and Advantages
Egor Mostovshikov
Egor MostovshikovEditor-in-Chief, site Snob.ru, Journalist, Founder “Batenka, Yes You’re a Transformer”
Topic: The Anatomy of A Story From A to B
Alexei Kovalev
Alexei KovalevProject Founder, “Lapshesnimalochnaya”
Topic: How to Save Yourselves from Information Bubbles. Learning from Our Own Mistakes
Alexander Tsipkin
Alexander TsipkinPR Strategy Expert, Writer
Topic: Recruitment and Social Networks
Alexander Elagina
Alexander ElaginaEditor-in-chief, Russiangate
Topic: Fear, Alarm, Panic Attacks: How to Survive the World of Journalism
Lida Kaloeva
Lida KaloevaFreelancer
Topic: Fact in the Post-Truth Era
Alexandra Stepanisheva
Alexandra StepanishevaFreelancer
Topic: A Journalist’s Adventures in the Era of Post-Truth
Yulia Dudkina
Yulia DudkinaSecret Firms
Topic: The Suffering and Fear of a Special Correspondent. How to Come Back from Hell Alive 100 Times

*Positions of speakers are indicated at the time of the presentation

6th Largest Media Forum in Russia — 3D Journalism

Number of Participants: 750

Number of Speakers: 12

Media Coverage: 132 publications

Informational Coverage: 31 303 870

Date: May 16, 2015

Location: St. Petersburg

Speakers and Topics

Alexei Venediktov
Alexei VenediktovEditor-in-chief, The Moscow Echo
Topic: How To Get an Interview. Stories from Life
Natalia Sindeeva
Natalia SindeevaGeneral Director, Media Holding, “Rain”
Topic: Changes at “Rain”
Svetlana Mironyuk
Svetlana MironyukFormer Editor-in-chief, RIA News
Topic: The Russian Media Landscape: New Formats For Media Development and Working Styles
Vitaliy Labin
Vitaliy LabinEditor-in-chief, Russian Reporter
Topic: Russian Reporter as an Anti-trend to Modern Russian Media
Alexei Amyotov
Alexei AmyotovPublisher, Look At Media
Topic: Digital Media Creation
Elmar Murtazaev
Elmar MurtazaevEditor-in-Chief, Forbes
Topic: How to Make a Magazine About Billionaires
Kim Belov
Kim BelovEditor-in-chief, GQ
Topic: Inside Glossy Journalism: Experiences with Readers
Elizaveta Osetinskaya
Elizaveta OsetinskayaEditor-in-chief, RBK
Topic: Crisis in Media
Alyona Doletskaya
Alyona DoletskayaEditor-in-chief, Interview
Topic: Media Transformation: Glossy Journalism and Its Changes and Developments in the Information Age
Galina Timchenko
Galina TimchenkoEditor-in-chief, Meduza.io
Topic: Meduza, Reloading, and the Return of the Editor
Carmen Mangieva
Carmen MangievaPR Director, Megaphone Northwest
Topic: The PR-Kitchen: Stewing, Frying, and Baking
Alexandra Glaskova
Alexandra GlaskovaVice President of PR, BIOCAD
Topic: The Part of Mass Media in Corporate Wars. Media Myths and Realities in the Pharmaceutical Industry

*Positions of speakers are indicated at the time of the presentation

5th Largest Media Forum in Russia — 3D Journalism

Number of Participants in 2 Days: 1500

Number of Speakers: 25

Media Coverage: 113 Publications

Informational Coverage: 42 364 854

Date: November 21-22, 2015

Location: St. Petersburg

Speakers and Topics

Oksana Smirnova
Oksana SmirnovaEditor-in-chief, GQ.ru
Topic: How the Site and Magazine Survive on Each Other: The GQ Experience
Alexander Malenkov
Alexander MalenkovEditor-in-chief, MAXIM
Topic: Stories Of Maxim
Anna Khrustaleva-Gekht
Anna Khrustaleva-GekhtContent Director, SNC
Topic: Rebranding a Glossy with SNC as an Example: How to Convince Media in Two Years
Elena Smirnova
Elena SmirnovaMarketing and Communications Director, Look At Media
Topic: City Media (Example: The Village.) How Publications Appear and Why They Change With Time
Julia Tarnavskaya
Julia TarnavskayaChief editor of Afisha.MIR
Topic: Why it is important to be an expert in the industry. Food and Wine
Mikhail Levin
Mikhail LevinEditor-in-chief, Apparat
Topic: Everything You Need to Know about New Explanatory Journalism
Vadim Chernov
Vadim ChernovEditor-in-chief, Time Out St. Petersburg
Topic: Inside Time Out: How The City Guide Was Created In Free Time
Alexei Korolev
Alexei KorolevJournalist, former Editor-in-chief, Playboy
Topic: Forget About Brands, Make a Magazine
Alexander Tsipkin
Alexander TsipkinPR Conflict Consultant, PR Director, Northwestern Department at Megaphone (2009-2014)
Topic: Journalist vs. PR Manager. Sex for Love or Gain?
Vladimir Esipov
Vladimir EsipovEditor-in-chief, GEO
Topic: Differences and Similar Features of Travel and Science Magazines
Ksenia Kiselyova
Ksenia KiselyovaEditor-in-chief, PSYCHOLOGIES
Topic: Why PSYCHOLOGIES Doesn’t Look Like Other Magazines
Dmitri Beglyarov
Dmitri BeglyarovGuidebook Editorial Director, Afisha
Topic: Travel Magazines: What Was, and Where Everything Is Going
Andrei Goryanov
Andrei GoryanovGeneral Producer, BBC
Topic: Change on the Elephant
Tatiana Maksimova
Tatiana MaksimovaEditor-in-chief, Collezioni
Topic: Features of Glossy Journalism and Content Creation
Ksenia Lukicheva
Ksenia LukichevaEditor-in-chief, AdME
Topic: What is Done Well, Will Be Good. The Story of AdMe
Ekaterina Assilova
Ekaterina AssilovaCommissioning Editor, Be-in.ru
Topic: 20 Foreign Media Personas Every Journalist Should Be Following
Nikita Zeltser
Nikita ZeltserManaging Director, Caramba TV
Topic: What Is Video Media? (Example: Caramba Media)
Boris Mirochnik
Boris MirochnikCreator of the Popular Youtube Channel “YouGifted”
Topic: How to Make DIY Media
Andrei Konyayev
Andrei KonyayevCreator of Cult Publication “Lentach”
Topic: Open Source Media: Lentach and All
Ekaterina Dementyeva
Ekaterina DementyevaEditor-in-chief, “Afisha.gorod”
Topic: 15 Things That Will Kill You Right Now: What It’s Time for City Media to Refuse
Ilya Saltanov
Ilya SaltanovManaging Director, Sports.ru
Topic: How to Make Media Used More Than a Few Times a Day: The Sports.Ru Recipe
Alexei Amyotov
Alexei AmyotovGeneral Director, Look At Media
Topic: Unusual Media Advertisements
Alexander Zhelezniyak
Alexander ZhelezniyakEditor-in-chief, National Geographic Traveler
Topic: How to Earn Money While Traveling
Tamara Ivanova-Isaeva
Tamara Ivanova-IsaevaJournalist, Translator (from French), Restaurant Critic
Topic: All About Restaurants
Ilya Krasilshik
Ilya KrasilshikCreator, Meduza.io
Topic: A Month In Riga: How Meduza Works

*Positions of speakers are indicated at the time of the presentation

4th Largest Media Forum in Russia — 3D Journalism

Number of Participants in 2 Days: 1000

Number of Speakers: 14

Media Coverage: 137 Publications

Informational Coverage: 31 134 670

Date: April 24-25, 2014

Location: St. Petersburg

Speakers and Topics

Yuri Dude
Yuri DudeEditor-in-chief, Sports.ru
Topic: Why Putin, Woody Allen, and “Game of Thrones” Have Places in Sports Media
Galina Timchenko
Galina TimchenkoFormer Editor-in-chief, Lenta.ru
Topic: Principles of Journalism in Modern Russia
Valeriy Panyushkin
Valeriy PanyushkinJournalist and Writer
Topic: Simple Journalistic Truths
Ivan Kollakov
Ivan KollakovFormer Head of Special Correspondents Department at Lenta.ru
Topic: The Role of Editor
Sergei Krivokharchenko
Sergei KrivokharchenkoEditor-in-chief, Esquire.ru
Topic: Esquire on Ipad
Oleg Kashin
Oleg KashinPolitical Journalist
Topic: One’s Own Media, or How One Person Can Issue an Agenda and Maintain a Full-Fledged News Resource
Nikolai Yaremenko
Nikolai YaremenkoEditor-in-chief, Radio Komanda
Topic: Sports Content on Radio: Broadcasts and Internet Projects
Roman Romanyuk
Roman RomanyukEditor-in-Chief Expert Northwest
Topic: Creating Added Information Value in Business and Analytical Materials
Ksenia Chudinova
Ksenia ChudinovaFormer Editor-in-chief, “Big City”
Topic: New Cultural Media in the City. How to Write About It For Local Media
Ilya Azar
Ilya AzarSpecial Correspondent, The Moscow Echo
Topic: The Special Correspondent Profession: Specific Features and Stories from Life
Tatiana Plutalova
Tatiana PlutalovaPress Representative, Vkontakte
Topic: The Olympic Story of Vkontakte
Mitya Kharshak
Mitya KharshakEditor-in-chief, Projector Magazine, Antikva, Internet-portal Art1.ru
Topic: Designer Periodicals and the Design of Periodicals
Nikolai Kononov
Nikolai KononovEditor-in-chief, Hopes & Fears
Topic: Guerilla Media, or How to Create a Popular Business Publication from Nothing
Anna Balagurova
Anna BalagurovaEditor-in-chief, The Village St. Petersburg
Topic: How Local Media Changes a City

*Positions of speakers are indicated at the time of the presentation

The“3D Journalism” Forum Hosted a Section On Digital Media at “Digital without Silicon”

Number of Participants: 100

Number of Speakers: 5

Date: June 7, 2013

Location: Digital October, Moscow

Speakers and Topics

Galina Timchenko
Galina TimchenkoEditor-in-chief, Lenta.ru
Topic: The Lenta.ru Redesign: Reasons, Results, and the Process of Finding and Effective Interface
Vasiliy Esmanov
Vasiliy EsmanovCo-founder, Look At Media
Topic: The Entertainment Market, Services and Media — Interactive Experiences
Alexei Amyotov
Alexei AmyotovGeneral Director, Look At Media
Topic: Internet Media Income and Expenses: Special Project Look At Me
Maria Kramer
Maria KramerCommercial Director W-O-S
Topic: Working with special projects on the example of W-O-S
Maksim Kashulinskiy
Maksim KashulinskiyGeneral Director, Publishing House BG
Topic: Mobile Apps: Audience Expansion and New Advertising Opportunities Using the Examples of BG and Slon.ru

*Positions of speakers are indicated at the time of the presentation

3rd Largest Media Forum in Russia — 3D Journalism 

Number of Participants in 3 Days: 1200

Number of Speakers: 22

Media Coverage: 128 publications

Informational Coverage: 29 764 544

Date: November 28-30, 2013

Location: St. Petersburg

Speakers and Topics

Kremov and Khrustalyov
Kremov and KhrustalyovRadio Hosts, Record
Topic: Why to Laugh At News. A Brief History of Russian Radio
Valeriy Panyushkin
Valeriy PanyushkinJournalist and Writer
Topic: How to Engage in Less Linked Journalism
Ivan Kolpakov
Ivan KolpakovEditor, Former Head of Special Correspondents at Lenta.ru
Topic: How the Lenta.ru Special Correspondents Department Was Built and What That Means
Sergei Krivokharchenko
Sergei KrivokharchenkoEditor-in-chief, Esquire.ru
Topic: Esquire on the Ipad
Ilya Krasilshik
Ilya KrasilshikProduct Director, Afisha
Topic: Why Modern Media Must Become More Niche and Personalized: Advantages and Disadvantages to This Strategy
Galina Timchenko
Galina TimchenkoEditor-in-chief, Lenta.ru
Topic: Internet Media and Developmental Tendencies
Philipp Shishkin
Philipp ShishkinFormer Foreign Correspondent, The Wall Street Journal
Topic: Journalism With a Human Face: On War, Revolution, and Other Conflicts
Tikhon Dzyadko
Tikhon DzyadkoCorrespondent and Host, Broadcast Radio Station, “The Moscow Echo,” program co-host, “Dzyadko3” on TV Channel “Rain”
Topic: Journalism Zero: Opposition vs. Objectivity
Andrei Savelyev
Andrei SavelyevCreative Producer, “Evening Urgant”
Topic: How to Suprise Viewers 5 Days A Week
Svetlana Rater
Svetlana RaterSpecial Correspondent, Lenta.ru
Topic: Writing Techniques for Reporting and Investigation
Konstantin Bocharskiy
Konstantin BocharskiyEditor, Secret Firm Magazine
Topic: How to Create and Tell a Story
Sergei Maksimishin
Sergei MaksimishinPhoto-reporter
Topic: The Etiquette of Photojournalism: The Fine Line Between Photographer and Person
Nikolay Romanov
Nikolay RomanovChief Editor of Infographics magazine
Topic: Statics will burn in hell — new trends in infographics
Alesia Gerasimenko
Alesia GerasimenkoSpecial Correspondent, Kommersant
Topic: Reporting: Main Challenges and Projects: How to Find and Talk to Needed People
Marina Shishkina
Marina ShishkinaEx-deacon of St. Petersburg State Journalism Department, Deputy, St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly
Topic: How to Write About Politics and Not Get Thrown in Prison
Yulia Suslova
Yulia SuslovaEditor-in-chief, Time Out St. Petersburg
Topic: How to Make a Popular (Non-fashion) Magazine
Mikhail Zigari
Mikhail ZigariEditor-in-chief, TV Channel “Rain”
Topic: Why Russian TV News Is Hopelessly Outdated
Renat Davletgildeev
Renat DavletgildeevDeputy Editor-in-chief, TV Channel “Rain”
Topic: Why Russian TV News Is Hopelessly Outdated
Artyom Ignatev
Artyom IgnatevPublisher, Technological Magazine Apparat
Topic: How to Run Your Media Project
Anna Tropova
Anna TropovaHead of Live Relay Project
Topic: Live Blog — How to Keep Pouring Oil Into the Olympic Flame
Sergei Lunev
Sergei LunevHead of Hungryshark.ru
Topic: DIY Media as a Reflection of Modern Culture
Mikhail Kokin
Mikhail KokinProducer, Journalist, Radio and Television Host, Editor-in-chief, Coca-colarussia.ru, and Head of Courses at LiVE Media School
Topic: Why You Need a Producer

*Positions of speakers are indicated at the time of the presentation

2nd Largest Media Forum in Russia — 3D Journalism

Number of Participants in 4 days: 3000

Number of Speakers: 37

Media Coverage: 117 publications

Information Coverage: 25 878 311

Date: April 4-7, 2013

Location: St. Petersburg

Speakers and Topics

Vasiliy Esmanov
Vasiliy EsmanovCo-Founder, Look At Media
Topic: Rules of Multimedia Editing
Alexei Amyotov
Alexei AmyotovGeneral Director, Look At Media
Topic: Internet Media Income and Expenses
Roman Chelysking
Roman ChelyskingInternet Media Expert, Former Editor-In-Chief at LiveJournal, founder, “Faculty” project
Topic: Internet Memes as Modern Art
Andrei Goryanov
Andrei GoryanovEditor-in-chief, Slon.ru portal
Topic: Media and Protests: What Happened?
Oleg Kashin
Oleg KashinPolitical Journalist
Topic: Journalistic Investigation
Renat Davletildeev
Renat DavletildeevDeputy editor-in-chief, “Rain”
Topic: Is there Life Outside Live Broadcast?
Andrei Savelyev
Andrei SavelyevCreative Producer, Evening Urgant
Topic: How to Throw A Bomb. Thoughts on an artist’s viewpoint and words doomed to attract love and attention
Valeriy Panushkin
Valeriy PanushkinJournalist and Writer
Topic: Social Journalism
Mikhail Zigar
Mikhail ZigarEditor-in-chief, TV Channel “Rain”
Topic: Is there Life Outside Live Broadcast?
Ilya Krasilshik
Ilya KrasilshikEditor-in-chief, Afisha
Topic: 10 Most Common Misconceptions about Modern Media
Galina Timchenko
Galina TimchenkoEditor-In-Chief, Lenta.Ru
Topic: Internet Media and Development Treads. Employment of Young Professionals
Mikhail Kokin
Mikhail KokinProgram Director, Podster.ru
Topic: Podcasts and Audioblogs: Development and Monetization of Auditory Content
Nika Strizhazh
Nika StrizhazhHost, “Open Studio” Talk Show on Channel 5
Topic: A TV Host’s Profession
Yulia Sakharova
Yulia SakharovaDirector, Headhunter (St. Petersburg Branch)
Topic: New Media Formats: Challenges of the Market
Oleg Vorobyov
Oleg VorobyovPublisher, Newspaper Chain Gaudeamus Russia
Topic: A Journalist’s Place on the Food Chain.
Tatiana Bedrina
Tatiana BedrinaEditor-in-chief, “Piter Students” and organizer, “Challenge SPB” project
Topic: Organizational Restructure and Unlocking Editorial Office Business Processes
Alexander Matros
Alexander MatrosFounder of Monday magazine, journalist
Topic: How to launch a magazine and bring it to a turnover of more than 1 million rubles per month
Kat Kirillova
Kat Kirillova
Topic: Media in the PR industry
Ekaterina Kuznetsova
Ekaterina KuznetsovaHead of Customer Support Group TNS St. Petersburg
Topic: Media consumption in St. Petersburg: key trends
Kirill Artemenko
Kirill ArtemenkoEditor-in-Chief, online newspaper “Paper”
Topic: Ways to Earn Local Online Media
Andrei Konstantinov
Andrei KonstantinovGeneral Director and Editor-in-Chief, AJUR
Topic: Methods and Practice of Investigative Journalism
Anna Sherbakova
Anna SherbakovaEditor, Vedomosti (St. Petersburg Department)
Topic: Business News: Where It Comes From and Who Needs It.
Yuri Saprikin
Yuri SaprikinEditor-in-chief, Afisha-Rambler
Topic: Pain, Emptiness, and A Review of the Best Bicycle Paths: New Media in the Era of Political Reaction
Topic: The Illusion of Conversation. How to Make Serious Reporting Funny While Including All Key Points
Alexandra Gorokhova
Alexandra GorokhovaPhoto editor of Russian Reporter magazine
Topic: Profession of a photo editor: why it is needed and what it actually does
Pavel Markin
Pavel MarkinDean of the faculty of press photographers
Topic: Profession photo reporter. The main problems of modern learning and conflicts with everyday practice
Alexey Munilov
Alexey MunilovEditor-in-Chief of the “Big City”
Topic: How the city magazine is organized
Dmitri Stepanov
Dmitri StepanovProduct Director, Afisha-Rambler
Topic: One Big Trend — The End of the Free Web and Onset of Ecosystem
Dmitri Gushin
Dmitri GushinAdvertising Photographer, Photography Professor at Russian State Humanitarian University
Topic: Specialization and Education in the Photosphere, Or — The Name of a Photographer is a Brand. Overview of the Ad Photography Market
Evgenia Galetka
Evgenia GaletkaSpecial Project Director, Afisha-Rambler
Topic: Events as an Effective Means of Communication With a Target Audience
Denis Gulyaev
Denis GulyaevFashion-Photographer, Founder, DA! School
Topic: Inside Fashion Photography: Ideas, Teams, and Working with Journalists
Nikita Likhachev
Nikita LikhachevEditor-in-Chief, The TJournal
Topic: How to Watch the Agenda Around the Clock and Not Go Crazy
Asya Krilova
Asya KrilovaMobile Applications Maggtoap
Topic: The Tablet Trend: What Next? Media on Tablets, Engaging Active Readers, Ad Formats on Tablets
Viktoria Vladimirovana
Viktoria VladimirovanaEditor-in-chief, iUNI
Topic: Student Media: Tendences and Problems in Editorial Work
Andrei Radin
Andrei Radin
Topic: How to Make News
Denis Sabrantovich
Denis SabrantovichFounder and Ideological Inspiration, portal Party Study
Topic: How to Make Media Contacts from Nothing. Editorial Organization
Alexander Amzin
Alexander AmzinFounder, “Alex and Alex”
Topic: On Vices and Perversions in Modern Russian Internet Journalism

*Positions of speakers are indicated at the time of the presentation

1st Largest Media Forum in Russia — 3D Journalism

Number of participants in 2 days: 730

Number of Online-Translation Participants: 30 000

Number of Speakers: 16

Media Coverage: 73 publications

Information Coverage: 11 334 204

Dates: April 28-29, 2012

Location: St. Petersburg

Speakers and Topics

Oleg Zotov
Oleg ZotovFashion photography host
Topic: Cover photos: Shooting Techniques and Communication with Celebrities
Alla Sharandina
Alla SharandinaBeauty editor, SOBAKA.RU
Topic: Fashion Journalism: Image and Text Trends
Evgeniy Lazarenko
Evgeniy LazarenkoEditor-in-Chief, TimeOut Saint Petersburg
Topic: How to Illuminate Cultures in Announcements
Grigoriy Naberezhnov
Grigoriy NaberezhnovJournalist, former editor-in-chief, student newspaper Gaudeamus
Topic: Reporting Journalism and its enemies: “Fools”, Narcissism and Boredom
Ilya Stogov
Ilya StogovWriter and Journalist, Author, Stogoff Project
Topic: Gonzo Journalism
Dennis Ivanskiy
Dennis IvanskiyFormer head, The Printed Blog
Topic: The Blogosphere and Exploitation
Roman Chelysking
Roman ChelyskingInternet Media Expert, Former Editor-In-Chief at LiveJournal, founder, “Faculty” project
Topic: Internet Memes as Modern Art
Sasha Geo
Sasha GeoCreator, largest online portal, Geometria.ru
Topic: The Unicality of Photojournalism Formatting on Geometria.ru
Egor Yakovlev
Egor YakovlevEditor-in-chief, Vkurse magazine
Topic: Media and Social Networks: New Integration Possibilities
Andrei Goryanov
Andrei GoryanovEditor-in-chief, Slon.ru portal
Topic: Media and Protests: What Happened?
Victoria Pyatigina
Victoria PyatiginaPublisher and Licensing Department Director, Regional Magazine SOBAKA.ru
Topic: Glossy Journalism in Russia: St. Petersburg and Other Regions
Nikolai Romanov
Nikolai RomanovEditor-in-chief, Infographics Magazine
Topic: Don’t Be Scared, or How to Make Infographics Magazine
Nikita Likhachev
Nikita LikhachevJournalist, Editor-in-Chief and co-founder, TJOURNAL
Topic: The Presentation of TJOURNAL
Oleg Tretyakov
Oleg TretyakovJournalist, Broadcast Host, Kommersant FM and TV Host, “Rain”
Topic: Internet Broadcasting and Business Model Trends and Practices
Yuri Mitin
Yuri MitinJournalist, Broadcast Host, Kommersant FM and TV Host “Rain”
Topic: Search and Evaluation of New Business-Media Ideas
Vasilii Esmanov
Vasilii EsmanovCo-founder, Look At Media
Topic: Rules of Multimedia Editing

*Positions of speakers are indicated at the time of the presentation

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